(1) NAME AND ADDRESS (姓名, 住所)

  Name     (성명):        Dr. Hyo Choi (최 효, 崔 孝)


  Position (직책) :  1) Dean (Former)

                                   Graduate School

                                   Gangneung-Wonju National University

                                   Gangneung, Gangwondo 210-702

                                   Republic of Korea

                                   (국립강릉.원주대학교, 전 대학원장)


                               2) Full Professor

                                   Dept. of Atmospheric Environmental Sciences

                        College of Natural Sciences

                                   Gangneung-Wonju National University,

                                   Gangneung, Gangwondo 210-702

                                   Republic of Korea

                                   (국립강릉.원주대학교, 교수)


                              3) Adjunctor Professor (兼職敎授)

                                  Zhejiang Ocean University (浙江海洋)

                                  105 Wenhua Road, Zhoushan

                                  316004 Zhejiang Province

                                  The People's Republic of China

                      (중국, 쩌장해양대학, 겸직교수)


                               4) High-end Foreign Expert ( 2015年~2016年 高端外国专家)

                                   South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (南海海洋硏究所)

                                   Chinese Academy of Sciences (中國科學院)

                                   164 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou

                                   510301 Guangdong Province

                                  The People's Republic of China

                      (중국, 중국과학원 남해해양연구소 고단외국전문가)


                 5) Deputy Director General

                      International Biographical Centre (IBC)

                      United Kingdom (England)  

                      (영국, 세계인명센터, 부소장)


                 6) Member, "IOC-WESTPAC Working Group of Tropical Cyclone (2015~)

                                 United Nation

                       (유엔, "IOC-WESTPAC Working Group of Tropical Cyclone": 실무위원


                 7) President (Former; Atmospheric Science Section)

                     Asia-Oceania Geoscience Society (AOGS)


                     (싱가포르, 아시아-오세아니아지구과학회, 전 회장(2006~2008),

                       전 부회장(2005~2006; 2008~2009)-(대기과학))


                 8) President (Former)

                      Korean Environmental Sciences Society

                      Republic of Korea

                      (한국환경과학회, 전 회장)


                 9) Editor-in-Chief, "International Journal of Oceans & Oceanography" (SCOPUS)

               - Research India Publications


                         (인도, "International Journal of Oceans & Oceanography": 편집장


               10) Editor-in-Chief, "American Jourmnal of Environmental Protection" (Copernicus)

               - Science & Education Publishing


                         (미국, "Americal Journal of Environmental protection": 편집장


               11) Editor-in-Chief, "American Journal of Food Science & Technology" (Copernicus)

               - Science & Education Publishing


                         (미국, "American Journal of Food Science & Technology": 편집장


               12) Editor-in-Chief, "International Journal of Lakes & Rivers"

               - Research India Publications


                         (인도, "International Journal of Lakes & Rivers": 편집장


               13) Editor-in-Chief, "Journal of Earth Sciences"

               - Betty Jones & Sisters Publishing


                         (미국, "Journal of Earth Sciences": 편집장


               14) Editor-in-Chief, "Current Development in Oceanography" (Copernicus)

               - Pushpa Publishing House


                         (인도, "Current Development in Oceanography": 편집장


                            15) Editor-in Chief, "Advances in Geosciences, 5" (SCOPUS)-2006

                                   - World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC)


                                    (싱가포르, "Advances in Geosciences, 5": 편집장)


                            16) Associate Editor-in-Chief, "Disaster Advances" (SCIE, SCOPUS)

                                   - Environmental Disaster Research Institute


                       (인도, "Disaster Advances": 부편집장


                            17) Associate Editor-in Chief, "International Journal of Environment & Resources

                                   - Science & Engineering Publishing Co.


                                   (미국, "International Journal of Environment & Resources": 부편집장)


               18) Associate Editor-in-Chief, "Current Advances in Environmental Science

               - American V-King Publsihing


                         (미국, "Current Advances in Environmental Science": 부편집장


                            19) Editor, "International Journal of Environment & Pollution", (2009) (SCI)

                                    - InderScience


                       (영국 "International Journal of Environmental & Pollution" : 편집자


                            20) Editor, "Research Journal of Chemistry & Environment" (SCIE, SCOPUS)

                                   - Environmental Disaster Research Institute


                       (인도, "Resarch Journal of Chemistry & Environment": 편집자


                   21) Editor, "African Journal of Agricultural Research"

                                  - Academic Journals


                                   (나이지리아 "African Journal of Agricultural Research" : 편집자


                            22) Editor, "International Journal of Environmental Engineering"

                                   - Science & Academic Publishibg


                       (미국 "International Journal of Environmental Engineering" : 편집자


                            23) Editor, "Advances in Geosciences, 9" (SCOUPS)-2007

                                   - World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC)


                                    (싱가포르, "Advances in Geosciences, 9": 편집자)


                           24) Editor, "The Open Atmospheric Science Journal", (SCOUPS)

                                   - Bentham Science Publishers


                     (미국"The Open Atmospheric Science Journal" : 편집자


                   25) Editor, "Climate"

                                  - Climate Editorial Office


                                 (스위스 "Climate" : 편집자


                           26) Editor, "International Geoinforrmatics Research & Development Journal"

                       - ITMA


                                (캐나다 "International Geoinformatics Research & Development Journal":편집자


                           27) Editor, "Ameican Journal of Environmental Protection"

                                  - Science & Education Publishing Co.


                       (미국, "Ameican Journal of Environmental Protection": 편집자


                           28) Editor, "Advanced Shipping and Ocean Engineering"

                                 World Academic Publishing Co.

                                  Hong Kong

                                  (홍콩, "Advanced Shipping and Ocean Engineering": 편집자


                           29) Editor, "Universal Journal of Geoscience"

                                  Horizon Research Publishing Co.


                       (미국, "Universal Journal of Geoscience": 편집자


                           30) Associate Editor, "International Journal of Research in Chemistry &

                                  Environment" Self Publishing Co.


                      (인도, "International Journal of Research in Chemistry & Environment": 부편집자


                           31) Editor, "Open Journal of Ocean and Coastal Sciences"

                                 Scientific Online Publishing


                      (미국, "Open Journal of Ocean and Coastal Science": 편집자


                          32) Editor,  " Open Journal of Atmospheric  & Climate Change"

                                 Scientific Online Publishing


                      (미국, "Open Journal of Atmospheric  & Climate Change": 편집자


                          33) Editor,  " Journal of Environment & Human"

                                 Scientific Online Publishing


                      (미국, "Journal of Environment & Human": 편집자


                          34) Editor,  " International Journal of Marine Science & Ocean Technology"

                                 SciDoc Publishers


                      (미국, "International Journal of Marine Science & Ocean Technology": 편집자


                          35) Editor,  " Journal of Scientific Research & Reports"

                                 SCIENCEDOMAN International


                      (미국, "Journal of Scientific Research & Reports": 편집자


                          36) Editor,  " Journal of Earth Science & Engineering"

                                 David Publishing Co.


                      (미국, "Journal of Earh Science & Engineering": 편집자


                          37) Editor,  "International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences & Studies"

                                 Prudent Journals.


                      (나이지리아, "International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences &

                                  Studies": 편집자

                          38) Editor,  " Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences"

                                 Science Publishing Group.


                      (미국, "Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences": 편집자


                          39) Editor,  " International Education Scientific Research Journal"



                      (인도, "International Education Scientif Research Journal": 편집자


  Address (현주소):    Dr. Hyo Choi, Director General

                         Atmospheric & Oceanic Disaster Research Institute

                                    Dalim Apt. 209ho, Songjungdong 940-23

                                    Gangneung, Gangwondo 210-140



                                    강원도 강릉시 송정동 940-23 대림맨션아파트 209호

                                    (사단법인) 대기해양재해연구소

                                    최효 이사장

                        Tel:       010-7240-0357 (Off), 033-652-0356 (Off), 02-805-0356

                                  Fax:      02-805-0356,  033-652-0356  


                                  Web:    http://www.gwnu/ac/kr 




                         Dr. Hyo Choi, Professor  

                                     Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences

                                     College of Natural Sciences

                                     Gangneung-Wonju National University

                                     Gangneung, Gangwondo 210-702



                                    강원도 강릉시 죽헌길 7,

                                    강릉원주대학교 자연과학대학 대기환경과학과

                                    최효 교수 

                               Tel:     010-7240-0357 (Off),  033-640-2320 (Dept)

                                  Fax:    02-805-0356,  033-652-0356  




                              * 국립강릉대학교는 국립원주대학과 통합하여 국립강릉원주대학교로 명칭이 변경되었습니다.

                                                    이 대학은 강릉시원주시에 학교 켐퍼스를 각각 두고 있습니다.            


  Nationality (국적):  The Republic of Korea (대한민국)



  1) B. S.(이학사)      : 1968-1976  Dept. of Meteorology, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742


                                                         (서울대학교 기상학과)    (기상학)


  2) M. S.(이학석사) : 1976-1978  Dept. of Meteorology, Graduate School, Seoul National University,

                                                        Seoul 151-742, Korea

                                                         (서울대학교 대학원 기상학과)   (해양물리, 해양기상-해파수치모델링)

         M.S. Thesis(석사학위논문): A study on numerical prediction of ocean waves under the

                                                           rapidly development of an extra-tropical cyclone in the East Sea


  3) Ph.D.(공학박사): 1980-1984   Dept. of Civil EngineeringCollege of Engineering,

                                                         University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712, U.S.A

                                                         (미국, 텍사스대학교(오스틴), 공과대학, 토목공학과)

                                                         (연안기상, 해-수치모델링)

         Ph.D. Dissertation(박사학위논문): On the formation of nocturnal coastal surface wind speed                                            maximum


  4) Ph.D.(이학박사) : 1999-2004  College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing                              100871, The People's Republic of China   

                                                          (중국, 북경대학교, 환경과학대학)  (대기화학- 대기오염수치모델링)

         Ph.D. Dissertation(박사학위논문): Influence of large scale motion and atmospheric boundary                                           layer upon dustorm generation and local particulate                                           concentration



(3) AWARDS (賞勳)

  0 Meritorious Prize-Chungmu Gold Prize : conferred by Sea Explorers of Korea,  January 31, 1986

   (공로장-충무금장 : 한국해양소년단연맹, 제86-58호, 1986년 1월 31일-남극탐사, 연맹발전 공로)


  0 National Order-Magnolia : conferred by Korean Government, December 24, 1986

   (국민훈장 목련장 : 한국정부수여, 제2878호, 1986년 12월 24일-남극탐사, 남극조약)


0 Award conferred by Administrator of Korean Meteorological Administration,  Korean

                                      Government, March 20, 1999

    (기상청장표창장 : 한국정부, 기상청, 제 797호, 1999년 3월 20일)


0 The 9th Scientific & Technological Prize on Excellent Paper : conferred by Korean Federation

                                      of Science and Technology Societies, April 30, 1999

    (제9회과학기술우수논문상 : 한국과학기술단체총연합회, 제99-20호, 1999년 4월 30일)


0 Meritorious Prize : conferred by Korean Environmental Sciences Society, May 21, 2004

    (한국환경과학회 공로상 : 한국환경과학회, 제04-01호, 2004년 5월 21일)


0 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century : conferred by Interantional Biographical

                                     Centre (IBC), United Kingdom, June, 2005

    (21세기 2000 탁월한 지식인 : 영국 세계인명센터, 2005년 6월)


0 2006 Academic  Award : conferred by Kangnung National University , Korea, February 9, 2007

    (2006년 강릉대학교 학술상 : 국립강릉대학교, 제2006-3호, 2007년 2월 9일)


0 Award : conferred by President of Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea, November 11,


    (강릉대학교 총장표창장 : 국립강릉-원주대학교, 제614호, 2008년 11월 11일)


0 Outstanding Paper of Academic Research Presentation : conferred by President of Korean

                                     Society of Environmental Engineers,  Korea, November 05, 2009

    (2009년 학술연구발표회 논문상 : 대한환경공학회, 제2009275, 2009년 11월 05일)


  0 Meritorious Panel : conferred by President of Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea, February 29, 2012       

    (강릉원주대학교 총장공로패 : 국립강릉원주대학교, 2012년 2월 29일)


 0 Best Presentation Award : conferred by 6th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment  2nd International Society BioTechnology Conference, Antwerp,  Belgium, July 10, 2013

 (최우수논문발표상 : 6차화학/환경국제총회 및 2차생기술국제학술회의, 안웹, 벨기에, 2013년

                                       7월 10일)